Creating long-term value for our health system and physician partners.


Founded in 2018, Atlas has quickly become one of the fastest growing ASC management companies in the United States and was named one of the Fortune 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2022. This growth results from our successful integration and execution of our ASC development strategy with our first partner, Banner Health. In four years as JV partners, we led the growth of the Banner ASC network from eight to 27 centers, which significantly grew Banner’s outpatient market share in every aspect including 3X volume growth, 5X revenue growth and 7X EBIDTA growth.

In 2022, Atlas formed our second not-for-profit health system partnership with Corewell Health (formerly the Spectrum Health and Beaumont Health systems), now the largest health system in Michigan, to strategically develop Corewell’s ASC network throughout the state. In the past year Atlas has led the development of a new orthopedic ASC (which has been fully syndicated with physician investors), three cardiovascular ASCs (one of which will be syndicated with physicians in the first quarter of 2023), two multispecialty de novo ASCs and a robust acquisition pipeline.

In mid-2022, Atlas formed a new company with MedAxiom, a highly regarded cardiovascular consulting company that is owned by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) to develop a first-of-a-kind national cardiovascular focused ASC management company. Atlas is proud to be the exclusive MedAxiom partner for all CV ASC development and management in this rapidly growing service line. This joint venture company, MedAtlasCV, brings together the best of our ASC development and management expertise with MedAxiom’s deep insights into cardiovascular care delivery, resulting in a unique opportunity for our health system partners to benefit from this combination of knowledge and expertise to grow their cardiology service lines.


Atlas has a professional management team with extensive experience operating successful ASC partnerships with large not-for-profit health systems and physicians. The Atlas leadership team has a strong track record of ensuring high quality patient outcomes, market leading patient and physician experience, accelerated inorganic growth through ASC development and organic growth through ASC business development and significant margin improvement and profitability.

Atlas has developed a proprietary ASC diagnostic and rating system, called the GPS (Global Performance Scorecard) based on our Atlas Operating Model with ASC specific data that identifies where each ASCs is performing well and where more support and improvement is needed. Our data driven system helps us fully implement our proven operating model and optimize each ASC in all aspects of leadership and culture, service delivery (AKA our Mission), growth, and profitability for our health system and physician partners.

Atlas has significant ASC development experience and expertise with a proven ability to develop and execute market specific growth strategies for health systems. Our team works with physicians to develop long term win-win partnerships and investments, which is key to successful ASCs. Our team can manage all types of de novos, HOPD conversions, acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions through all phases of the process through integration.

The Atlas leadership team has worked with some of the largest and most successful not-for-profit health systems throughout the US to acquire, develop, and operate ASC partnerships in their markets. Patients and payors are increasingly demanding that outpatient surgical cases be performed at lower cost ASCs, creating financial gaps and operational issues for hospitals. We work very closely with our health system partners to research, analyze, and develop hospital OR backfill strategies to help make the right ASC decisions at the right time.

Atlas is privately owned by its founders, senior executives and health system partners. Central to Atlas’s capitalization strategy is ensuring that capital sourcing is strategically aligned with our health system partners’ objectives. Select health systems who partner with Atlas will have an opportunity to invest into Atlas and participate in our in-market and national value creation. We believe this model allows our health system partners to build a long-term relationship with Atlas without the risk of a change in ownership and direction and creates full alignment through ownership at all levels– the Atlas level, the JV level, and the ASC level. From an investment perspective, Atlas is a high growth ASC management company with strong return on investment potential for our health system partners.

The Atlas team is led by entrepreneurs with for-profit ASC backgrounds. Atlas has extensive experience blending the strengths of large not-for-profit health systems with the agility and creativity of an entrepreneurial management company.

A comprehensive ASC strategy delivers value for all stakeholders with lower costs, better access to care, improved patient outcomes and experience, and increased physician satisfaction. Consumers (patients) and payors (including employers) will continue to accelerate the search for higher quality of care at lower cost, the primary driver of migrating services to the ASC.

Proactively collaborating with payors to have a strategic and measured approach to the ongoing migration to the ASC setting provides the opportunity to structure payor contracts at market appropriate, sustainable reimbursements, with additive terms and conditions lowering the administrative burden for both provider and payor.

Demonstrating a value proposition to the commercial payor typically focuses on cost and access to care. Considering the total cost of care a lag measure for quality and efficiency, a measured approach to ASC payor contracting and negotiations focuses on the fundamentals of Value-Based care.