Grow your practice with Atlas


Atlas Healthcare Partners understands what physicians need to succeed, because we asked and you told us. We create an environment where you’ll feel supported in your practice and confident that your voice matters. And that means you can spend your time focusing on providing excellent patient care.

Atlas is here to help align the needs of health systems and physicians because when we all work together, we can help reach everyone’s business objectives, while achieving the most important goal of all — providing the best care to our patients.


Interested in partnering with Atlas Healthcare Partners? You’ll find answers to our physicians’ commonly asked questions below.

How does partnering with Atlas Healthcare Partners benefit physicians?

When you work with Atlas and our health system partners, you have an opportunity to enhance your relationship with the health system by being eligible for contracting with the health networks we support, resulting in mutual growth and success.

Do I have to invest in an Atlas Ambulatory Surgery Centers to practice there?

No. Physicians can practice at Atlas locations without being partners in our business. You don’t have to be a partner physician to grow your patient base, increase the quality of the care you provide and give your patients an excellent experience. At Atlas, our goal is to create an environment designed to help you succeed.

What are the benefits of being a partner physician?

Partner physicians practice at Atlas Ambulatory Surgery Centers and financially invest in the center. As a partner physician, you would ideally choose to practice at Atlas Ambulatory Surgery Centers nearly 100% of the time. Partner physicians sit on the Ambulatory Surgery Centers board and help make management and operations-related decisions, including which equipment is purchased and which service lines to onboard.

What can I expect in the operating room?

Atlas wants to help make sure you have what you need to provide the best patient care. Our operations are surgeon-centric, and we’re here to make sure you have highly trained staff supporting you as well as high-quality surgical instruments based on your preferences.

Do I have a voice in my ASC?

Yes. We want to hear from our physician partners about how we can help you be more successful and how we can help provide even better care to patients. After each operating day, we send a short text survey seeking physician feedback, and we use that data to continually improve your experience.

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