The recent ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Banner Cardiovascular (CV) Center in Chandler, Arizona marked a pivotal moment for this community of nearly 280,000 people. The event highlighted the growing need for and importance of access to CV outpatient care.

Local leaders in attendance included Laura Robertson, FACHE, CEO of Banner Desert Medical Center, Cardon Children’s Medical Center, and Banner Ocotillo Medical Center; Kevin Hartke, Chandler’s Mayor; and Sammy Ramirez, RN, CEO of Banner Cardiovascular Center—Chandler.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Ramirez noted, “To all of our guests who attended, thank you for bringing your enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for advancing healthcare.”

Mayor Hartke took the stage to share his thoughts on the momentous occasion, recognizing its potential to elevate cardiology care in the region. The mayor had visited the Banner ASC as a patient and felt well taken care of. “Banner has a longstanding relationship with us, and we are excited about providing high-quality care and innovation to our community,” he said during the event. “We are grateful for Banner’s commitment to healthcare and ongoing dedication to Chandler.”

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in patients seeking CV care in outpatient settings. This shift is driven by several factors, including advancements in medical technology, cost considerations, and a desire for more convenient healthcare options. Patients and physicians increasingly realize the benefits of receiving high-quality CV care outside traditional hospital settings.

Atlas Healthcare Partners and Banner have been leading a transformative shift by collaborating with physician partners to deliver exceptional care outside traditional hospital settings. The partnership with Banner Health, among others, including MedAxiom, allow for better collaboration with physicians. This collaboration provides a new level of care delivery and access in order to offer the highest standard of care in outpatient settings.

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