Partnership. We know we say this word a lot, but it’s because we believe that focusing on the full journey of how we work together leads to everyone’s success. We work hard to create an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) environment that caters to physicians’ needs, so they can focus on what matters most — providing the highest level of patient care.

Our CEO Aric Burke likes to say, “Our job is to provide a service to the doctors.” But what does a physician-first approach really look like in practice? Here are the five key approaches that ensure our physician partners’ needs are our top priority.

1. Physicians have a voice

How can we help physicians be more successful and provide even better care to patients? That’s the key question we focus on from the start to ensure the voices of our physician partners are heard. That’s why we make sure all operating room processes were designed by surgeons, and the instruments we use are chosen by physicians for their quality and value. It’s also why we send a short text survey after each operating day, seeking real-time feedback to help us continually improve the experience.

2. Our surgeon-centric processes

Surveys aren’t the only mechanism for providing input. We’ve developed an Atlas Physician Peer Panel that helps guide our everyday processes and resources companywide. We collaborate with physicians in Arizona and Colorado across all service lines to deliver honest feedback regarding operational improvement opportunities within the ASCs, strengthen relationships and service delivery to physician offices and staff, and build a team of physician thought leaders for outpatient surgery best practices in the region.

3. Physician-centered support

Atlas recruits, hires, and trains our people to be service-minded. Our human resources practices, leadership training, employee recognition programs and more were created to reinforce our commitment to customer service. So, physicians can be assured that they’ll have highly trained teams supporting them every day, every step of the way that share in our mission of care.

4. Physicians influence operations

Our partner physicians serve on the board of their ASC, which allows them to directly influence the operations and management of the center. They advise and vote on key decisions—from which equipment is purchased to which service lines to onboard.

Our ASC boards help ensure physicians have input in the direction of the business, including its financial performance and operational decisions. So, our physician partners have a positive work experience as they contribute to the success they share in.

5. Our culture of service

Atlas considers the needs of physicians from every angle. From credentialing and onboarding to working with schedulers to ensure they have everything they need, we provide an unmatched level of service at every inflection point for physicians.

We are dedicated to the physician’s experience, whether as a partner or as a utilizer in one of our ASCs, and we work equally with employed and independent physicians, ensuring that all physicians are supported, valued and receive our signature customer service.

Let’s Work Together

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